Roman Numeral Tattoos

Roman numeral tattoos are trending presently and a number of celebrities are actually sporting the tattoos. They are popularly used to represent favorite individual numbers or to depict dates that are of relevance to the individual sporting the tattoo including wedding dates and birth dates. The best thing about the tattoos is that they can be very mysterious to others making you stand out because nobody knows the meaning of the tattoo that you have on given occasions. They can be done in different sizes and font styles to match your preferences.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas

You can definitely choose any numeral that you would like to be tattooed on you, but you can consider ensuring that it is a number that is significant to you. Also important to consider is where you want to have the tattoo displayed, design or layout as well as the maintenance requirements of the tattoo.

Some great ideas you can use when choosing the numerals are your birthday, birthday of a special person to you, your children’s birth dates, wedding dates, a favorite number, death date of a loved one or even a jersey number of your favorite player. Such numerals will serve as a constant reminder of what matters to you the most in terms of memorials, birthdates, anniversaries and other significant events of your life.

The Roman numeral tattoos can be done together with other symbols if you wish such as animals, birds, dragons, floral prints swirling patterns and designs, clocks and insects. However, most people love the numerals standing alone, but the choice really depends on what you find most appealing. You also have the freedom to choose the colors, styles, and font sizes of your tattoo. Vertical layouts tend to be very popular, but you can also choose other layouts such as having the numerals in a circular layout.

When choosing the area or body part to have the tattoo on, consider the space allowance depending on the size of the tattoo and excellence on display. Choose an area that does not distort the tattoo probably because too many natural skin creases. Some of the best areas you can choose include the arm and your leg, although some love displaying them on their necks and shoulders. If your profession dictates a formal look, then ensure you choose an area you can easily hide with your clothes. Let every factor of your life play a part in helping you choose the best area for the tattoo.

When getting the Roman numeral tattoo, ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons and not just to fit into your group or because it is the latest hype. A tattoo is more significant when done for the right reasons and enough thought has been given to it. Remember that removing a tattoo can be a long and painful process and you therefore want to have one that you can be comfortable with all your life without any issues cropping up along the way.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Glitter

Tattoos for Happiness

Life is not black or white. It’s not Grey or muddy. We keep on adding attractive and bright colors, to get a positive and happy feeling. Nobody wants a plain Jane or jack nowadays, and this is why the craze for carving amazing temporary tattoos with temporary tattoo stencils is swarming among the young and old. Kids from age 10 to teens of 18, are decorating their arms and bodies, with colorful blotting ink of temporary tattoo stencils and are showing of their personality. Buying the temporary tattoo stencils is not easy. You have to check on their ingredient, approval from FDA, and whether your specialist recommends it for your skin. But keeping the worries aside, let us look at the type of temporary tattoo stencils and how they help in decorating your persona.

Stencils To sum up Beauty

Try buying the triple layered temporary tattoo stencil. They have an affordable quality, and their ingredients are also well-checked by the manufacturers. You can buy them at bulk or in packs of 20 or 50, and create mind-blowing designs of zodiac signs, henna, Chinese symbols, funny quotes or a sketch of your favorite cartoon character. Teenage girls would prefer necklaces or ring designs. They can have blue, pink or purple ink from the temporary tattoo stencils and decorate themselves for a beauty attack. When you choose to buy the temporary tattoo stencils pack, look for the free shipping order. Many companies would deliver your products free of charge, if the items are above 50 or $100. For do-it yourself temporary tattoo stencils you will need:

Sheet of white paper
A ball-pen, clear stick of deodorant and your favorite design pattern to be printed on the stencil.

The know-hows

Keep the white paper with your clinch and scissors on the design and hold it with the paper clamp. Print over the design with your ball (pointed) pen, and then cut it off with scissors. This is a homemade try, but you can buy the temporary tattoo stencils with durable and safe adhesive materials. They must replicate a sharp and clean design on your body without staining the colors. Some temporary tattoo stencils last for 30 times their usage, and show their fine quality. Replace the used temporary tattoo stencils with different inks and hypoallergenic versions.

Glitter Shines Like A Diamond

Glitter tattoos are eternal. They never go out of fashion for kids, youngsters and adults. The year 2015, has witnessed several creative and informative designs in tattoos of glitter that symbolize a high standard of tattoo users. Young kids prefer their favorite rock-stars, electric guitars, a friendly dragon, stars and stripes, a sign of peace, Tom & Jerry, maths and science figures, funny quotes, Hello Kitty and music notes. The glittering tattoos are easily applied and can be wiped with baby oil or can be water washed. The art of such tattoos is outshining among kids and adults likewise and the manufacturers too are adding glittery creations with ample safety standards. They come in 50 or more vibrant colors with applicator brushes, glitter stencils and skin adhesives. You can use them whenever you feel to galvanize your spirits.

Rainbow in Glitters

Choose from the amazing designs of Shimmer glitter tattoos and glitter tattoos for kids and children. They come in bright blue, rapacious red, pretty pinkish, violet, black, greenish blue and pure white. So, its time to show your bubbly, vibrant, serious or dangerous side with glitter tattoos for all.

From superman to little mermaid the kids and teens are showing of their glitter tattoo designs in parties and night stays. Here’s how you can choose from the most trending designs.

Cultural and Religious Beliefs of the Hamsa Tattoo

The Hamsa tattoo is beautifully rich in design and includes cultural and traditional values. The style of the tattoo depicts a hand with a symbol on the palm, which is often an eye, and can represent confidence, bravery, or protection. The Hamsa design has religious meaning in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Even though it is accepted for different reasons, the tattoo design is chosen for its ability to provide protection and safety across the different religions. The design of the Hamsa can be inked with all fingers together which means good luck, while the design with fingers apart is more directed at providing a symbol to provide protection from evil.

Hamsa symbol for different religions


In Islam the five-finger design is intended to signify the Five Pillars of Islam, which includes: Hajj (visit Mecca at least once by anyone financially and physically able to complete the journey), Salat (pray 5 times daily), Sawm (self-control throughout Ramadan), Shahadah (accepting Muhammad as God’s prophet) and Zakat (give to the needy). Also, the Hamsa is known by the name Hand of Fatima, which is intended to honor Muhammad’s daughter Fatima Zahra.


For those with Jewish heritage, this hand tattoo is intended to symbolize the presence of God in all things that exist in the world. The five-finger symbol helps to remind the person to focus on the five senses when praying to God. This symbol has a further meaning for many with the belief that the depicted image of the hand relates to the five books of the Torah. For those with this belief the image is known as the Hand of Miriam.


The hand symbol in Christian religion has a meaning that relates to the Virgin Mary. It is believed the hand is able to symbolize strength, power, and femininity. The design of the tattoo can vary and include the Jesus fish symbol. This element is incorporated in the design because the fish (Ichthys) is regarded as a Christian symbol. Plus, in certain cultures, the addition of the fish gives protection against the evil eye.

Irrespective of the chosen religion, the actual wearer of the Hamsa tattoo is certain to believe it provides a beneficial level of protection for family members against ill-wishers and evil in general. Many people also choose this style of body art because it is said to be a sign of good luck or fortune while also giving the power of protection.